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Son Of Syn – Tower Of Phantoms Paperback (Book 2 – Black/White)


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Welcome back to New Beam City.

A few weeks have passed since the events within At Arms Length. Clain is conflicted by the attack he endured at the hands of the sinister android Synric, who referred to him as a “project.” Clain seeks to train himself and hone his unusual magnetic skills even further while tapping into the mighty Motherboard sword he crafted in months past. The threat however looms over him and his friends as Synric manipulates their actions from behind the scenes. An enemy possessing strength far beyond anything the world has ever seen.

And what lurks beyond city limits? The strong willed leader of the vicious Pit Pigs, Kruger, who seeks revenge on a world gone blind. Join Clain and his friends as they attempt to unmask the threats within New Beam City.

Welcome to Tower Of Phantoms!

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