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About Son Of Syn

Son Of Syn is a work of cyberpunk fiction by Christopher R Mix. His dream is to blend the works of fantasy with a dark, dystopian future where technology rules but for how long?

Welcome to New Beam City.

A vast, futuristic city of lights and cutting edge technology. A megalopolis vibrant with life and newly innovated utilization of machines. At its center stands the monolithic Cloud 9 building, the largest super structure of any era. Cloud 9 is one of the worlds top arbiters of what aisles the human complex for both the common and elite alike.

Our story follows former underground fighter turned inventor, Clain, who embarks on a journey to the city’s lowliest of places to the towering heights of Cloud 9. As a storm rolls in over the city, Clain is greeted with a peculiar late night stranger, commotion in the neighboring alley, and a shocking injury that will alter his life forever. A roller-coaster experience through a cyberpunk city featuring a remarkable group of characters, the machinations of a mega corporation, and enough action to fill a two hour movie, this first entry in an exciting new series is a must read for sci-fi, action and anime fans.


Are you ready to “Live your life on Cloud 9, today?”


Christopher R. Mix was born in Texas on August 9th, 1984 and has lived in Arizona since 1986. He felt driven to become an author in 2020 through his live streaming career which began in 2012. Having consumed all forms of media his whole life and then as a career, he began to feel jaded by many of the modern story lines found in current day games, movies and shows. Son Of Syn is a story he has always dreamed of telling since 2004 and 2020 it makes its debut as his first foray into the world of Authors.

His biggest goal in life is to make at least one person laugh each day which he hopes to also accomplish through his stories.

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