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Mr. Le

“Watching you two became difficult. You both rely on internet tutorials and video games too much. Plus, I needed the exercise!”

Son Of Syn : At Arms Length – Son Of Syn: Tower Of Phantoms

Name: Mr. Le

Age: 40

Height: 6’0

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper Black

Martial Art: Self Taught Samurai .

Other Features: Chef of New Beam City’s best Pho.


Mr. Le is a simple man. Widowed, he does his best as a single parent to raise Fila to be a strong self-dependent woman. Hoping to teach her the ways of running her own business, he keeps her focused on doing well in school which has become more difficult with Clain around.

2 years ago Mr. Le made the decision to rent out the garage his late wife used for a previous sewing business. This attracted the current tenant, Clain that quickly came in and made huge improvements to their entire home. One of which included a giant service elevator he and Clain fashioned onto the front of the building.

Tower Of Phantoms begins with Mr. Le enjoying a day off from the restaurant. However, he is quickly interrupted when a somehow familiar visitor approaches the Pho King.