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“You say that, but who will fight against the dark plots pushed onto the world that people are too stupid to see? As society has ignorantly fought for, and allowed all their rights to be taken away, one by one. Even the right to defend themselves!”

Son Of Syn : At Arms Length – Son Of Syn: Tower Of Phantoms

Name: Kruger

Age: 44

Height: 6’1

Hair Color: Salt & Pepper Black

Martial Art: Brute Force CQC

Other Features: Wields a signature machete and some sort of enchantment on his legs.


Kruger is an old war dog, spending his life as a tank technician for the Government. His knowledge and genius behind creating the most deadly machines is unmatched as well as his evil willingness to achieve his goals.

In the military, he led a tank battalion called the Pit Pigs but received a dishonorable discharge for disobedience. He then left to form the mighty Pit Pig gang that now plagues the streets of New Beam City.

Tower Of Phantoms begins Kruger’s brutal introduction to the series with a look into the Pit Pigs hideout. Readers of book 1 should note that he is the same character that carved up Hux’s face like a pig.