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“Of all the faces I have ever worn, none have stricken such terror into others as yours, Clain.”

Son Of Syn : At Arms Length – Son Of Syn: Tower Of Phantoms

Name: Synric

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’3

Hair Color: Silver

Martial Art: Unknown.

Other Features: Worlds first self aware android. Code named SYN


Synric’s origins are limited as well as knowledge of it’s motivation which seem confusing. It continues pulling the strings behind every action the main characters make. Going as far as calling Clain a “project” in ‘At Arms Length’ seems to be its main focus.

Synric has an unknown affiliation with the Cloud9 corporation as well as a direct tie with King, the mysterious customer that entered Clain’s store in the first book. Having called King its father, what does this mean for the rest of the city?

Tower Of Phantoms begins with Synric testing out his latest persona; Clain’s face. With it equipped, the android stirs mischief within New Beam City and its outskirts.