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Holographic Honey Art


“That first moment I grabbed the handle bars, I’ll never forget it. The ride felt so stiff. So mechanical, yet free. The wind was blasting my face. It was terrifying, honestly. But my dad held my hands firmly and made sure I didn’t mess with the throttle. We drove for several miles in complete silence until he finally spoke..”

Son Of Syn : At Arms Length – Son Of Syn: Tower Of Phantoms

Name: Honey

Age: 23

Height: 5’9

Hair Color: Midnight Blue

Martial Art: Short blade combat & handgun specialist.

Other Features: Highly advanced motorist. Knowledge on anything fast.


Honey spent her childhood looking up to her father and his famed career within underground street racing. Filling his shoes has been her number 1 goal as her fame now eclipses his, but where does it end?

After getting her first glimpse of famed pit fighter Clain in action, she finds herself wrapped within a deeper plot that could affect her career aspirations. Her curiosity about Clain and Dawn grows, mixed with a newfound appreciation for young Fila. Where will this road lead?

Tower Of Phantoms begins with Honey shooting a commercial for the new C9X Hive bike when a mysterious friend visits the set.