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About The Author

Christopher R. Mix, also known as Mixtopher has been a full-time live streamer since 2012 beginning on A Lifelong fan and consumer of franchises spanning games, movies & shows, he felt jaded & underwhelmed by many of the stories told within modern-day media. This motivated him to share a story he began writing in 2004 during his time at college & his passion for this adventure was reborn. Hence the introduction to the Son Of Syn series! His debut as an author is in collaboration with a team of editors & illustrators who are also new to this medium & equally as passionate.

His dream is to see Son of Syn grow into a multi-novel series as well as evolve into several forms of media such as games, animated shows, or even movies. Chris is powered & sponsored by his incredible community of viewers known as Cosmo Canyon who he hopes to make proud as they embark on this journey with him.