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“I hacked my arm and uploaded all sorts of cool scripts into it for nun chuck fighting and even break dancing!”

Son Of Syn : At Arms Length – Son Of Syn: Tower Of Phantoms

Name: Fila

Age: 13

Height: 4’7

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Martial Art: Break Dance style mixed with amateur nun chucking.

Other Features: A recent cybernetic arm graphed onto her body. Free of charge by the Cloud9 Corporation.


Fila is a typical fun seeking 13-year-old kid. Her positive outlook on life is as admirable as her understanding of the world around her evolves. After a tragic and horrific night that severed her arm, she now adapts to her newfound reality.

Her father, Mr. Le does his best to guide her while running their Pho King restaurant on the 1st floor of their home. She looks up to Clain, the strange man that moved into the garage and opened up the GG Shop! A fun gadget shop she helps to run when needed.

Tower Of Phantoms begins as Fila has become quite comfortable with her new cybernetic arm. Because of her diligence in her studies, Mr. Le rewards her with a fun trip to Platinum Palace!