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AUTOGRAPHED Son Of Syn – At Arms Length Hardcover (Book 1 – FULL COLOR)


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Welcome to New Beam City.A vast, futuristic city of lights and cutting edge technology. A supercity vibrant with life, human and newly innovated utilization of machines. At its center stands the monolithic Cloud 9 building. The largest super structure of any era, Cloud 9 is the main creator of New Beam City’s remedies for the common and the elite alike. Follow former underground fighter turned inventor, Clain, who embarks on a journey to the city’s lowliest of places to the towering heights of Cloud 9. His story begins with a visit from a royal stranger, commotion in the neighboring alley, and a shocking injury that will alter his life forever. A roller-coaster experience through a cyberpunk city featuring a remarkable group of characters, the machinations of a mega corporation, and enough action to fill a two hour movie, this first entry in an exciting new series is a must read for sci-fi, action and anime fans.

Are you ready to “Live your life on Cloud 9, today?”

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