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“There is something dark inside of me that I can’t explain and don’t understand but I have to learn to control it.”

Son Of Syn : At Arms Length – Son Of Syn: Tower Of Phantoms

Name: Clain

Age: 27

Height: 6’3

Hair Color: Silver

Martial Art: Monk Style hand to hand & blade master in training.

Other Features: Unexplained magnetic abilities.


Clain spent years as a famed underground pit fighter, holding a 7 year winning streak over the Pit Pig Invitationals. Abusing his unexplained magnetic powers allowed him many easy paths to victory but glory can only be sweet for so long. Growing dazed and uneasy by this lifestyle, he decided to walk away and focus on a life of gadgets. His fighting strategy relied heavily on his powers, amplified by Buster & Banger; a pair of brutal gauntlets that hone in and amplify his power.

Hoping for a quieter life, Clain opened up his GG Shop in the garage of a humble little noodle shop known as Pho King. Here he practices creating his own inventions while also taking on custom jobs for his customers and any profit they might offer. But is leaving behind a life of famed fighting really so easy?

Prying eyes hover over Clain as a mysterious cyborg Synric looms over him and his friends, but to what goal? With his friends lives threatened, Clain is faced with only one choice. Tapping further into his unexplained power and learn to control it before anything else can happen to those around him.

Tower Of Phantoms begins with Clain forcing himself to wield his self-crafted super sword, The Motherboard.