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Son Of Syn is a Cyberpunk Fantasy series surrounding Clain and the dark plots looming in around him and his friends. The story begins with Clain after he has settled down from a 7 year streak as an underground pit fighting champion. Now opting to focus on his creativity with technology, he opens his own GG Shop where he experiments with new ideas as well as tapping into his unexplained magnetic abilities.

Join Clain, Honey, Dawn and Fila on their exciting adventure within New Beam City today! Son Of Syn is available on Amazon with autographed copies and other merch available through this website.

We are seeking to turn SoS into a much bigger franchise with plans for a series of video games or series of shows! Want to get involved? Contact us today.

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    "The build up of the main character and the people around him tells a story that people of all walks can connect to some how this was an awesome read!"


    "After finishing Son of Syn, I can accurately say this is a phenomenal story. Mixtopher is an expert at magnificently writing excellent action sequences, superb character development, and outstanding suspense. You won't want to miss the other two books in this great series."

    Justin Camden

    "You are able to fully visualise everything that happens in the book. Its a great book, cant wait for the next one!!!!!!"

    Mr. Gary Welsh

    "A fantastic mixture of action, humor, and mystery. You find yourself fully immersed in the futuristic, cyberpunk New Beam City. Underground fights, high speed chases, all sorts of mischief, and friend and family bonds being formed and strengthened. The authors way of writing leaves you ready to get your hands on the next book, and learn more about your new favorite characters."

    Morgan Lewis

    "From beginning to end the story kept me interested,the characters we're all very likable and unique in their own right. The Elder is by far my favorite character so far.The Dynamic between each character feels heartfelt and carefully thought out.The Author makes you care about these characters and their struggles of everyday life.Despite a few quirks with the writing it was a very enjoyable read and i can't wait to read more of this story in the future.I really hope this book gains in popularity because i would love to see these characters brought to life.Volume 2 can't come quick enough,definitely a fan of this story line and left me wanting more.Don't even think about it just buy it. "

    Vincent Quintanar

    "A great introduction to the cyberpunk world of New Beam City. The main character, Clain confronts street gangs, a mega corporation, and his own past while trying to help the people he loves. The author does an exceptional job bringing this futuristic adventure to life with a compelling and diverse cast of characters. The book is fast paced and easy to read through. I cant wait for book two to continue the story and build up on this fascinating world. "

    Daniel Glover

    "Great fun story! As I was reading I was thinking how cool it would be if there was a game for this. I like the amount of action, it never felt sluggish, the few times it starts to slow down it is refreshingly brought back with some action or comedy. I'm excited to see what's next for these characters."