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Premonition Art 1

A Familiar Apparition

A small, childlike dark figure haunting Clain within his premonition. Sitting crouched, resembling a female child with black shoulder length hair.

The Serpent

A large finned serpent resembling a mutated anaconda. Guiding Clain in an indirect way.

Tia – the floating multi faced two armed monster

A floating, multi faced, two armed monster exuding with grotesque faces of all the images it has taken on. It’s screams echo terror through the forest within Clain’s mind. Creating a sort of deep, familiar emotion from someone we all have deep bonds with.

The Handasaurus

A huge dinosaur-like behemoth with a large human hand as a head and a wrinkly thick skinned forearm like neck. Its purpose seems unclear, but it seems to want to help Clain escape his Premonition.